A hard working guy on and off the ice

Don know about any of that stuff, said Robinson with a smile when asked to spill the beans on anything juicy about Gaudreau. A hard working guy on and off the ice, and he great to be around. For Robinson, all that time playing with Gaudreau hasn rubbed off on him skill wise.

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Kudos to Rick DiPietro who threw me a puck over the glass; baaaah to the other Islander Fan who ripped it out of my hand. Practice ended, and we went back to our seats. There were Islander fans everywhere! We were amazed at the number of them. That he may have been talking about Subban blackness specifically in contrast to Iginla and Fuhr both having one white parent is far less defensible, and if this is the case then Weekes is articulating part of a categorical structuring of antiblackness that is focused upon quantification of race as an exercise, the notion that whiteness can be approximated, approached, that one can effectively navigate positional relation to antiblackness by being apparently closer to whiteness, a claim that is rather understandably opposed, and for good reason. Fuhr won five Stanley Cups over the course of his career, and Iginla is a lock for the Hall of Fame, and to not consider that even if they are not considered as black by some standards, they are specifically articulated within an assemblage of antiblackness, that they face antiblackness and moreover that the specificity of the antiblackness they face is not a diminishing factor thereof should not figure into discussing the uniqueness of Subban as a player, and moreover is not necessary to discuss the antiblackness he faces. To imply, as well, that there is any sort of capitulation to antiblackness made by Fuhr or Iginla is to diminish their achievements in the face of a league that is structurally antiblack, and moreover within an extremely antiblack sport, is to take away from them and Subban by extension.

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