«Americans were 50% of my clientele

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cheap jerseys nba PHILADELPHIA (BUSINESS WIRE), one of the top executive search firms in the US, today announced that Dr. Harvey W. Schiller has been named to the newly created position of Vice Chairman and President of the Sports Media and Entertainment Practice. Tens of thousands of travellers had a frantic, chaotic scramble in March to get home as the pandemic swept the world and borders slammed shut. On their safe travel list for now.In contrast, aside from a recent outbreak tied to a slaughterhouse in western Germany, the spread of the virus has generally stabilized across much of continental Europe.To qualify for the «safe» list, EU headquarters said that countries should have a comparable per capita number of COVID 19 cases to those in the 31 European countries over the last 14 days and have a stable or decreasing trend in the number of infections.The Europeans are also taking into account those countries’ standards on virus testing, surveillance, contact tracing and treatment and the general reliability of their virus data.For tourist sites and stores in Paris that are already feeling the pinch of losing clients from around the world, the decision not to readmit most American travellers is another blow.In the heart of Paris, on the two small islands in the Seine River that are home to Notre Dame Cathedral and a wealth of tempting boutiques, businesses were already mourning the loss of American visitors during the coronavirus lockdown, and now the summer season that usually attracts teeming crowds is proving eerily quiet since France reopened.»Americans were 50% of my clientele,» said Paola Pellizzari, who owns a mask and jewelry shop on the Saint Louis island and heads its business association. «We can’t substitute that clientele with another.»»When I returned after lockdown, five businesses had closed,» Pellizzari said cheap jerseys nba.

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