«Both forwards discussed the turnaround in Binghamton

Helicopter flyovers are handled by the Army affiliated Connecticut National Guard. Capt. Dave Pytlik, public affairs officer for that body, said a flyover took place in Connecticut on May 14 as part of the pandemic initiated morale boosting program Operation American Resolve.

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«So if Mike wants to do that next year I’ll let him take the reins.»Both forwards discussed the turnaround in Binghamton this season, where the team rebounded from a slower first half of the season. The Devils were 9 1 0 0 in their last 10 games before the season was suspended due to COVID 19.»The start of it was the Hall trade, getting a couple big pieces,» said Bastian. «Going through the year, the first half, we would have games where our power play was really good and our penalty kill was really bad and then the next would be the opposite.

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