But as you heard from the governor’s remarks

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Restrictions on people rights may be justifiable during a public health emergency, but people are being asked to sacrifice their privacy and turn over personal data for use by untested technologies, said Deborah Brown, senior digital rights researcher at Human Rights Watch. The pandemic and reopening society are essential goals, but we can do this without pervasive surveillance. The risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, let remember that programs intended to be temporary measures to help combat the pandemic could become permanent surveillance..

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All motorcycles are made of similar components to a degree, frame, engine, forks, wheels and all the other items required to bring it all together as a functional machine that does what it designed to safely. Lots of parts particularly the same make, use generic parts, components which can simplify things, but if you have owned many machines or own several you will need to taylor your tool kit to suite the motorcycle. If your used to doing repair work its easier as you are more familiar with whats required to carry out certain tasks.

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