Community needs are so high, but nonprofits were

So I posted it and told a friend, «I’m going to delete this, this is stupid.» The next day I had to turn my phone off. It. Blew. But if the children were placed in glass boxes and they could just see each other and wave, I wouldn’t want that, either. I would probably say not to send kids to camp right now. Which is maybe not an option for everyone..

The bland face, unlike the stylistic Model S stance, carries over to the Spartan looking interior, which is dominated by the huge 15 inch touchscreen in the center of the dash. The only controls are the left side stalk for turn signals, the right side column shifter, two knurled knobs on the steering wheel for AutoPilot and audio interaction, plus the power window switches on the doors. That is it; every other function is handled on the touchscreen.

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To argue option 3, you got to basically believe both console manufacturers decided to double down on storage performance for no particular reason. The jump from a conventional HDD to a SATA SSD is perceptually larger than the change from a SATA drive to a PCIe 4.0 M.2 drive. The implication here is that we about to see consoles take a major leap in storage performance in ways that will encourage developers to optimize games for a storage medium we already been taking advantage of for years..

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