Every team in the NBA 2K League pays $35

He is part of the new breed of professional athletes that are being paid to play video games. Every team in the NBA 2K League pays $35,000 to their first round draft pick for the six month season and $32,000 for the other five players. Housing is also provided..

Succulents are so in right now, but terra cotta pots are so out, so why not pair that echeveria you got at the farmer’s market in a gold painted Triceratops pot instead? In her online Etsy shop, Bay Area resident Heather Fields Martinucci sells brightly painted planters in the $20 to $50 range, made of hollowed out vintage animal toys, like rhinoceroses, hippos, elephants, and, of course, dinosaurs. Many of the planters even come with succulents, lichen, and moss gathered from Martinucci’s own. More >>.

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