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The problem, according to Wetmore is how these numbers might be used. If the various health and welfare departments had used the estimated numbers of the BRFSS as their sole source of information, the obesity numbers would have been dramatically lower. It also highlights the worry that some people are still avoiding any sense of reality when it comes to their weight, pretending that they have lost weight or are in the act of losing weight when in fact they are not..

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«We’re absolutely committed to helping smokers and other nicotine users who want to quit, and the data show most do want to quit,» said TDH Commissioner John Dreyzehner, MD, MPH. «Tobacco and nicotine are a very hard habit to break, but they don’t make you happy in the long run. They make you poorer, sicker and unhappy.

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Les NIH ont communiqu les r pr d’un grand essai clinique lanc il y a plus de trois ans dans sept pays, dont les le Br la Tha et l’Afrique du Sud, aupr d’hommes ayant des relations sexuelles avec des hommes ainsi que de femmes transgenres, la plupart de moins de 30 ans. Ce sont les groupes les plus risque de l’ de VIH. Un autre essai est en cours sur les femmes..

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