Length: 45min 1h // Frequency: weekly // Occasional

Only six players remain from the team Tortorella coached in his one and done season in Vancouver. And «sideways» would be a generous description for the Canucks, who are 13 16 3 and taking bets on whether they’ll actually finish with more than the 75 points they had last season in the franchise’s worst year since the 1990s. The Blue Jackets are 20 5 4 and just won their ninth straight game..

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During Game 4 vs. Anaheim, I wished a security guard a happy game day. He looked at me and said, «We’ve gotta win this one, Darlin’, or we’re done.». The Legion of Honor today reopens its incredible French period room, The Salon Dor The type of room, particular to pre revolutionary France, was called the salon de compagnie, or salon for conversation. «There was no eating,» explains the Legion’s curator of European decorative arts and sculpture, Martin Chapman. «They just sat and made conversation and it was the [woman of the house’s] ability to hold the conversation.

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