My son and daughter in law had given me a new

Take a jog or a walk every day for at least 30 minutes. Why not just take a stroll by the river or even a jog in your local park. Get your ipod and stick in your headphones. What continues to inspire me is that our greatest lever to solve these challenges, without question, is local agencies, which includes local electric coops like Holy Cross Energy. It is imperative that Holy Cross be innovative, collaborative and entrepreneurial, while at the same time being measured and responsible stewards of the incredibly vital systems they manage on our behalf. I see Alex DeGolia fitting that mold quite well..

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Leaves have three times more calcium and niacin than spinach. They help counter anaemia as they are a very rich source of iron. These leaves can be used in salads, theplas, falafel etc. It was only a week later that she called me and playfully taunted me for putting her on the spot. Puran will have a re run on television. It will now air on Zee TV, starting from May 25..

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