Please focus your mind on this day

To do this it is crucial that we capture as much information as possible regarding the moments leading up to her death.»We know that news of her murder will leave the community shocked and upset, but we are turning to you for your help, because information you have could be key in this investigation.»Two weeks have passed since Louise was first reported missing. I am asking residents in Leigh Park to cast their minds back to Louise’s disappearance a fortnight ago and provide any information to us that will help trace cheap nfl jerseys her movements from where she was last seen to the site at which her body was discovered.(Image: PA)»We know she entered Tesco Metro on Greywell Road shortly before 7.30pm on Thursday 7th May, but we can’t be certain where she went from here.»She also was reportedly seen at midday the following day VE Day in Somborne Drive. Please focus your mind on this day.»This was a historic day for the country, and many of you may have been celebrating out on your front gardens.

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