«So I called him out on that and I’m sure he wasn’t

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cheap jerseys It’s Canada, they have money, and they should be paying 2%.»So I called him out on that and I’m sure he wasn’t happy about it but that’s the way it is.»Read MoreTrump stands up Johnson hours after PM and Trudeau caught mocking US presidentAfter making the comments sitting alongside German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Trump added he no longer planned to hold his 3pm press conference before leaving Watford.He said: «I think what we’ll do just for purposes of this, we’ll be having a meeting with the 2% people and we’re having another meeting with Denmark and then we’ll probably go directly back to Washington.»So we’ll go directly back. I think we’ve done plenty of press conferences unless you’re demanding a press conference, we’ll do one but I think we’ve answered plenty of questions.»And again let me just finish by saying we’ve had a tremendous two days. I think NATO is stronger than it’s ever been.»The comments came the day after Trump was the topic of conversation between Trudeau, French President Emmanuel Macron, British PM Boris Johnson and Dutch leader Mark Rutte.Clearly unaware that they were being filmed, Johnson turned to his French counterpart and asked: «Is that why you were late?»Labour warn not to trust Trump relationship with the truth on NHS»He was late because he takes a 40 minute press conference at the top,» Trudeau answered for him.Later in the exchange Trudeau said «you just watch his team jaws drop to the floor» seemingly in relation to something Trump did in an earlier press conference.It came after what should have been a brief statement to reporters with Nato Secretary General turned into a lengthy press conference earlier on Tuesday.This afternoon Trudeau tried to shrug off his comments saying the comment about jaws to the floor was about the location of the next G7 summit.France Emmanuel Macron, who also featured in the clip, told La Repubblica: «I am not going to comment on stolen videos, that video wasn supposed to be filmed in that room».Boris Johnson also tried to shrug off claims that he was mocking Trump with Trudeau https://www.Eastjerseys.com last night.(Image: AFP via Getty Images)When it was suggested to him that he didn take the US president seriously, he said: «That’s complete nonsense and I don’t know where it’s come from.» cheap jerseys.

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