Still, without any measures to slow it down, covid 19

Mr. Aqeel said with other countries like Vitenam opening up, it is important to ensure that industry does not lose out to other countries in terms of export orders. He pointed out that the leather, leather products and footwear industry is labour intensive and majority of the units are in the MSME segment..

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The spread can be slowed, public health professionals say, if people practice «social distancing» by avoiding public spaces and generally limiting their movement.Still, without any measures to slow it down, covid 19 will continue to spread exponentially for months. To understand why, it is instructive to simulate the spread of a fake disease through a population.We will call our fake disease simulitis. It spreads even more easily than covid 19: whenever a healthy person comes into contact with a sick person, the healthy person becomes sick, too.Our simulation town is small about the size of Whittier, Alaska so simulitis was able to spread quickly across the entire population.

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