The Anteaters battled back from an early deficit There’s more leather at The Church Thursday and Sunday nights at the Lizard Lounge than any of Fort Worth’s Ranchers could provide. The Prophet Bar is where the Mall Punk goes after Hot Topic closes.The Ultra LoungerAppearance: Spiked hair with highlights, popped collar, designer jeans, faded aviators, finely etched beard, Ed Hardy and Affliction apparel.Behavior: The Ultra Lounger can be seen at only the chicest, trendiest nightclubs, adding the cost of bottle service for a bottle of premium vodka a preexisting pile of credit card debt. Exorbitant payment for bottle service is actually rutting behavior directed at the female of the species.

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A strong Southern accent can sound uneducated and quite vulgar to people from other parts of the world, but some believe that a soft, subtle Southern accent can be charming and attractive. American women sure seem to like Matthew McConaughey, who has a strong Texan accent.Proud HeritageThe English language came to America by way of English speakers, on boats. Because of the varying nature of English accents in Great Britain, the sort of people who were on these boats and when they left turns out to be very significant linguistically.

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