The equivalent 9th Gen CPU, the Core i3 9100, is a

The Lonesome Crowded West featured enough expansion of the Modest Mouse palate over the less subtle, more feral debut album that it initiated the band’s crossover to an audience outside of the indie underground confines, and Modest Mouse’s incessant schedule of road dogging it around the country certainly didn’t hurt, either. Though there’s a huge radio hit in Modest Mouse’s future, the band’s body of work doesn’t just have one «tipping point» album, it has three, and each was a breakthrough in its own way. The Lonesome Crowded West was the first..

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As the story goes, Tassone and Gluckin had been embezzling funds to support fairly extravagant lifestyles. Gluckin, for example, had three homes, including one in Florida, and drove a Jaguar. Tassone spent the money he stole in his own variety of frivolous ways, like cosmetic surgeries and expensive suits not to mention tens of thousands of dollars in dry cleaning bills..

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