The young man was 25 and searching for answers in

The trick is knowing what fits with our own belief system and what doesn’t. In lieu of that I’m taking an open minded stance on many things I used to have a definite opinion on. Too often I have grown to realise there is more to situations than I understood previously.

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In 2013, Yetter offered Kyle what was supposed to be a helping hand. The young man was 25 and searching for answers in life when Yetter offered to take him to see «Captain Phillips» at the Walden Galleria cinema. The two planned to watch the movie and talk about faith over dinner at Jack Astor’s..

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The difference between the old Levitical priesthood and the new Melchizedek priesthood is this. One stands in the gap and represents the people to God and the other stands in the gap and represents God to the people. People are not coming to God, God is coming to the people in the Sons of God.

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