There was a lot of talk about it

Kurti is just a top. Girls nowadays wear Kurti in collages, office wear, and daily wear over jeans, salwar, pant, Capri and even a skirt. Indian Kurtis are accepted worldwide and it looks great. And that just the first floor. A spiral staircase stretches to the second floor with a den, walkway and three bedrooms. One bedroom has a tropical island theme complete with sand while another is supposed to resemble a 1970 hippie crash bed and has a queen size waterbed.

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cheap nba basketball jerseys B) Halter neckline: If you don’t have heavy upper body and want to go bold, you can experiment with halter neckline. It will enhance the glamour quotient of your churidar ensemble. So ladies, break the traditional neckline silhouette and at least have one piece of halter neckline salwar or churidar suit to flaunt a simple yet chic look..

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