Wow: It’s part of it, right? Like it was such a

Years before he made history by becoming the first Indian player to be drafted into the NBA, Satnam Singh was asked to punch far above his weight. He was a 15 year old giant when he was selected to make his debut for India’s men’s national team in 2011 by head coach Kenny Natt. Natt had decided to inject some youth and size into the men’s roster for the Middle Asia Zone qualifiers in New Delhi.

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Shelby Kurtz came off the bench to hit a critical shot, Lydia Albert played well off the bench and reserve Rebecca Reeder calmly drained both ends of a 1 and 1 after Mifflinburg cut the deficit to 38 35 with 61 seconds remaining. Bassett and Marchioni hit two more free throws and Montoursville relentless defense, sparked by Gillian Mitchell, allowed no more points.After dribbling away the final seconds, Marchioni was engulfed by jubilant teammates as Montoursville celebrated a hard earned championship 17 years in the making.the stretch the will to win took over, Montoursville coach Travis Heap said. Give everything they have.

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Trump was using the term ‘wall’ to describe border security, not necessarily a giant physical barrier.» This diffused misconceptions, helping me understand the end goal for the Trump administration’s immigration plan. It gave me perspective, allowing me to feel less like the country was shunning Mexico and kicking out illegal immigrants: the plan is more about increasing public and border safety. Considering what I know about the kinds of threats that are already in our country because of weak borders, these things are necessary..

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