You also could be making a big mistake if you hope

Speaking in tongues can be found in Acts Chapter 2 when the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples. It was peculiar to the people at that time as well. Those who witnessed it thought the disciples were drunk. Moore and Dolemite eventually became synonymous. Other comedy albums by Moore, full of similar profane braggadocio, followed in its wake. And after the «Dolemite» movie hit, so did other films: In 1976, he starred in a Dolemite sequel called «The Human Tornado» and co starred in «The Monkey Hustle.» The next year, he starred in «Petey Wheatstraw: The Devil’s Son In Law.» («Petey Wheatstraw» somehow had nothing to do with the 1930s Cotton Plant bluesman of the same name who also used the nickname «the Devil’s Son In Law.») By 1979’s «Disco Godfather,» though, Moore had ridden his unlikely cinematic wave to shore..

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