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The 2009 Indonesian movie Garuda Di Dadaku by IfaIsfansyah is the story of Bayu, a young child with the passion of becoming a national team player. While his adamant grandfather and poverty stops him from becoming one. But finally, as talent never hides, with the help of his two friends Heri and Zahra and his mother, Bayu becomes the shining star of the Indonesian National Football team.

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There’s a street (Alesia) recognizing the Celtic town that fell to Julius Caesar in the Gallic Wars, and another (Corvisart) that carries the name of Napoleon’s personal doctor. Rue Saint Jacques, often described as the oldest street in Paris, follows the traces of an ancient Roman road. Notably it marks the beginning of the Chemin de Saint Jacques, the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

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19th December 2014Quote: «How the hell am I am going to write a song like that? I can’t change the title. I can’t say I’m going to write a song, ‘Live and Let Fish’. Then you sit around and go, ‘Ok, you used to say live and let live.’ You work out a whole hypothesis.» Sir Paul McCartney on how he came up with his anthemic James Bond theme Live Let Die..

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